KPN Telecom:
Consultant Billing & Customer Care part of Bid

Interim management & member of board of KPN Mobile

Project manager wholesale Billing & distribution

Business consultant Billing ICMS Suriname

Business consultant Billing & Customer Care

Consultant International Training KPN Nepostel

Program manager Customer Contact Center

Process manager Billing ATF & GSM KPN Mobile

Line manager Billing KPN Telecom Fixed Net

Project manager Infrastructure courses KPN Telecom

TEHA Automatiseringsprojecten:
After-sales engineer at software house TEHA


Investors International London

KPN Telecom The Hague

KPN Internet Germany

Mobile operator Suriname


Telecom Namibia

KPN Mobile Groningen

KPN Mobile The Hague

KPN Fixed The Hague

KPN Groningen

TEHA Weert Automatiseringsprojecten